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November 2, 2010 @ 8:29 am CST

Episode 2 – Pimps, Ponies and Self Driving Cars

Written by: Agrippa

Good techie NSFW Randomness on the house. The usual suspects, the usual subjects, and penis jokes.

  1. Google’s self-driving cars:,
  2. Initial WP7 thoughts
  3. Any specific WP7 phones catching your eye? Planning on switching soon?
  4. /facealm of the week: Apple’s sexting crackdown that teaches you Spanish:
  5. Predictions for Mac OSX 10.7/ Announced Mac Event Predictions
  6. Ubuntu 10.10 thoughts, if anyone used it or tried it
  7. Sony’s GoogleTV
  8. iPad and Verizon
  9. If you were a Chilean miner, what story would you make up to give yourself more publicity?
  10. Top Jason Chen’s singing by performing a few verses /facealm of the week:
  11. Predictions for Mac OSX 10.7
  12. Ubuntu 10.10 thoughts, if anyone used it or tried it
  13. Sony’s GoogleTV
  14. Possible Mac Event drunkmodo drinking game rules/ reasons to drink/ i hope you guys know what i mean(hypothetical, of course)
  15. Pussy City Pimps (game)
  16. iPads to be sold by Verizon. Possible more credence to Verizon iPhone?
  17. and how stupid Nokia and it’s users are and this is why it’s failing.
  18. A rundown of info and perhaps review of the windows phone 7 releases. The different phones, some of the stats, what we think could happen, how do we feel now that we’ve seen the lineup?

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