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April 21, 2011 @ 6:24 pm CST

Would you buy a supermarket-branded Android tablet?

Written by: Steven Callas
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Oh those crazy Europeans. Carrefour, one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world, is offering a 10.1 inch Android tablet for 199€ (about 290 USD). According to its Greek website, the Carrefour TouchTablet CT1001 rocks a 16:9 display with a 1024×600 resolution, WiFi, 4GB of internal storage, an accelerometer, Android Eclair 2.1, and a battery life capable of juicing out 7 hours of video playback. Oh, and the display is resistive. Wait, what?

Not so fast, that display spec may be a typo. According to the Greek site Techblog, an ad for the same product boasts a capacitive display, Android 2.2, and a MicroSD port. So what specs are correct? I did a little bit of digging and it turns out the Carrefour TouchTablet CT1001 is developed by Archos and bears a very striking resemblance to the Archos 101 internet tablet (although it is not the same one). Both the Archos 101 and Archos 70 boast capacitive displays so there’s a high possibility that the Carrefour website made a mistake. It is also very possible that Carrefour is fronting a down-specced Archos 101 but seeing as how the Archos 101 retails for $299 with a hard drive that’s twice as big and a capacitive display, this might not be the case. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if anyone actually picks one up the next time they go shopping for groceries.

Regardless, this is a supermarket branded Android tablet. Is it a matter of time until a Safeway branded or Costco branded tablet hits our shores? If they do, would you buy one?

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  • gnarwhal

    I would, just not that one

  • Kbaud

    device sucks.

    comes with Andrid 2.1 = no flashplayer, no youtubealso, no 3G card