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August 12, 2011 @ 10:30 am CST

Here’s A First Blurry Look At The Next Version Of Android

Well, looky here! Courtesy of a simultaneous leak to Android Police and RootzWiki, we’re getting our first look at Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of Android that is said to unify the tablet-oriented Honeycomb and the more familiar phone version of the OS. The preeminent change? Things are blue now!

If the blurry cam is anything to go by, the changes aren’t all cosmetic. The notification shade, thankfully still intact, seems to have gotten a makeover. With Apple creeping into Google’s little corner of the status bar, the notification system competition is likely to start heating up (I never expected to write that sentence…ever). Honeycomb, of course, features quite a bit of new functionality in notifications; for example the music notification doubles as a control widget. So, here’s hoping this functionality is part of the new OS.

According to the source, ICS will be a largely cosmetic update, which actually sounds like a good plan. For those who dislike the Android interface, this may be a chance to finally get things sorted out. This will be the first major update for the phone OS that will be largely influenced by WebOS design legend Matias Duarte, who previously said in an interview with Engadget that he’d come to Google in the middle of Gingerbread development. For those who do like the Android interface, come on guys. At least admit that Honeycomb and Gingerbread are night and day in terms of design. A unification is certainly in order.

Oh, and side note: the camera, it seems, comes with a panorama mode. Sweet!

Check out Android Police and RootzWiki for the other photos!

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