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March 21, 2012 @ 1:21 am CST

Episode 67 – Poo Foam

Written by: Noisecast

Here are the shownotes for this week’s episode. Take a gander after the jump. And hey, don’t forget about our contest!

Episode 67 Topic List
Magic Markers: Chris, Ray, Ben

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  1. MegaUpload seizures were “wrong”
  2. What’s Apple up to?
  3. Growing pains: New iPad may have heating issue
  4. Pedestrian airbag:
  5. “This  American Life” retracts Foxconn horror story
  6. Ray: It’s all you
  7. AnonymOS full of trojans
  8. Amazon inks deal for Discover shows (Thanks marian)
  9. Intel buys into eye-tracking firm
  10. Russians looking at Supersonic Business Jet
  11. Google Nexus Tablet to threaten Kindle Fire
  12. Non humans account for 50% of internet traffic
  13. Asteroid? Let’s nuke it out of orbit


  1. Invisile Children co-founder (Kony 2012 guy) arrested for masturbating in public:
  2. Men skip out on bar tab by jumping out of a window.
  3. Bus Drive arrested for showing porn to students
  4. Inmate just released from jail tries to break in cars in jail parking lot
  5. Man bites off son’s penis in middle of the street:
  6. Man flees scene naked, on skateboard
  7. “Elaborate” plot to steal iPads foiled.

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