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September 24, 2012 @ 10:41 am CST

Foxconn employee claims iPhone 5 poorly built

Written by: Alberto Lima
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Not even the 5 million in weekend sales is enough to stop the seemingly endless stream of issues related to the new iPhone 5. If it isn’t problems with iOS 6’s Apple 3D Maps or gripes with people complaining about how the phone is “too thin;” the iPhone is now faced with its latest bit of scandalous news – Apple may have been aware of a quality defect that makes the iPhone prone to scratches.

Phone Arena has posted a video from Chinese video blog NTDTV (formerly Off The Great Wall) which includes a Foxconn employee admitting that only 10 in 100 produced phones meet Cupertino’s quality control standards. By now you’ve probably seen a few torture test that the iPhone’s gone under but as Phone Arena puts it:

“We find it hard to believe that if this was common knowledge for a random Foxconn worker, the ones directing the iPhone 5 manufacturing at Cupertino weren’t aware about those issues.”

It’s totally possible that the first batch of phones were rushed out in hopes of meeting an insane initial demand and eventually the manufacturing process will become streamlined and corrected. Going by the anonymous Foxconn employee, you may be better off waiting until after October – though if you haven’t already picked up a shiny, possibly easily scratched, iPhone you’re probably looking at a mid-to-late October date anyway.

Source : PhoneArena

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