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December 22, 2012 @ 1:17 am CST

Behind the curtain: It’s the end of the world… Edition

Written by: Alberto Lima
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Yesterday was supposed to be the end of the world by Mayan prophecy, tectonic plate shift, pole shift, or (my personal favorite) Planet X/Nibiru smashing into the Earth! Well it’s pretty safe here in the future – December 22nd; but don’t think we didn’t about bringing you live updates of this cataclysmic event!

We'll just chalk this up to a time delay.

This concludes your time-delayed “End of the World” liveblog.

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Alberto Lima
Technophile with an appreciation for beautifully designed gear. A writer of words, eater of hamburgers, maker of sandwiches who will not part with his Apple gear or his camera. Wrote for; Managing Editor at Resident of the Internet.



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