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January 10, 2013 @ 2:32 pm CST

Buy a physical music CD, get a digital copy for free.

Amazon's AutoRip let's you buy physical media and enjoy it instantly. (Screen grab via

Why hasn’t this been the norm is completely beyond us. Sure we’re hearing more and more about making our lives completely digital – whether it’s movies, music, or pictures every consumer goods manufacturer seems to think we don’t like buying stuff that they didn’t make. Though a good part of our personal media collections has been moved from the physical copies to digital only, there are some items that we’d love to have as a tangible object. Now Amazon, online retailers of just about everything, is offering their new AutoRip service to meet this need and Amazon is hoping to win back some digital-only heads as well.

Aside from being able to immediately enjoy the latest Katy Perry offering (as implied by the screen shot above), Amazon is leveraging the full power of their ecosystem, from free shipping with your Prime account to their Amazon Cloud Player online music locker. Best of all, Amazon has no plans of having AutoRip purchases count against your storage limit on Cloud Player.

Amazon has also extended the AutoRip service to any presently available AutoRip albums that you may have purchased from the Amazon Music Store going back to when they first opened in 1998. Those purchases will be making their way to your Cloud Player shortly (also, without counting against your limit).

Starting today you can choose from over 50,000 albums from current hit makers like Adele and Maroon 5 or classics like “Darkside of the Moon” by Pink Floyd or MJ’s “Thriller.” At worst you could always gift a CD and keep your digital copies. Don’t worry, we won’t tell.

Source : Amazon

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