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February 25, 2013 @ 1:00 pm CST

Famous last words? Instagram may never make it to BlackBerry 10

Windows Phone has long been criticized that their low rate of adoption from consumers is in large part due to the fact that they have not been able to get native apps from the biggest and most popular developers. Most often at the top of that list is Instagram. With that in mind, it looks like BlackBerry 10 will be learning this hard way as they make one last attempt to save their company.

Last week, AllThingsD reported that not only will Instagram be noticeably absent from the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem at launch, but the developer doesn’t have any immediate plans to offer it on their platform. Ever. The unnamed source didn’t seem to shy away from the question offering only the following:

“There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now,” said one. “Frankly, I’m not sure there will ever be.”

Though the lack of Instagram (and previously Angry Birds) didn’t kill off Windows Phone as a platform, there is some truth to the idea that the lack of high-profile apps does hurt consumer confidence in the mobile OS market. It would be a gross over-simplification to write-off BlackBerry 10 only the lack of one app, but it would not necessarily mean it is 100% without merit.

Smartphones today can’t simply be all about work, or all about play. They have to find a happy medium between the two. Consumers are looking to simplify their experiences – sometimes that means being able to use a Hefe filter on your business lunch and share it with your friends and family. Though BlackBerry’s future depends on how well received BB10 will be, it’s death will not ultimately be decided by the lack of an app – including Instagram.

Source : AllThingsD

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