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March 13, 2013 @ 3:02 pm CST

A new chief Android

Big news coming out of Mountain View today; Google has officially announced that long-time head of Android was stepping down. To mark the occasion, Google took a brief stroll down memory lane citing some of Rubin’s accomplishments since becoming a Googler.

Probably most notable was Rubin’s reining in the various flavors of Android by implementing standards to an otherwise unruly platform. By pushing for a unified feel for the Android Platform, Rubin turned the at time schizophrenic budding platform into the more polished, grown-up if you will, operating system that we use today.

Rubin will be succeeded by Sundar Piachi, current head of Chrome OS – this could be the shot in the arm that Chrome OS needs to become a legitimate third computing option.

Source : Google

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