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April 19, 2013 @ 2:00 pm CST

For Verizon customers waiting on a flagship Lumia, the wait may have been worth it.

A PureView Lumia headed to Verizon?

Earlier today, a leak featuring the Nokia Lumia 928 made its rounds on the internet – the often reported on Lumia flagship has long been known to be headed to Verizon customers but what appears on the leaked image may well have made the wait worthwhile. According to the post in, the images leaked on Twitter by user @evleaks show the same bulky Nokia we’ve come to know and love plus a Carl Zeiss optics and  PureView camera!

The PureView camera will be a welcomed addition if this leak ends up being true; considering the source of the leak and their current track record, we’re saying that this may very well be a possibility.

Source : BGR

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