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Steven Callas
Steven served as a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Noisecast from its inception until January 2012. His enthusiasm for the telecom industry and his knowledge of both the business and geek side of the sector drove most of his editorials. Follow him on social media for his latest news and freelance articles.

Cofounder and editor-at-large of Descended from a quantum crisis that merged Zeus and Batman together momentarily, confusing them and making them impregnate a cloud of pure concentrated awesome. He was born defective however, and looks normal, except grotesquely obese.

Ron Cassel
Being largely made of metal, Ron has trouble boarding airplanes and entering government buildings. Aside from that, he enjoys music production, technology, graphic design, astronomy, and whining about the good ol' days.

Chris Ness
Chris "Kevlar" Ness is a Former Marine, college student, and father. His interested in Tech was sparked by a 5 year stint fixing crappy electronics for Uncle Sam, and is currently chasing the dream of working in IA. He is a WP7 fanboy, avid social media advocate, and he drinks a little too much. Find him on Google Plus

Ray Schneider
Ray "gonzorider" Schneider subscribes to the ancient philosophy of not giving a shit. However sometimes his ferocious gingerness comes out to defend his opinions in a rather pugnacious matter. He is fascinated by the the internet and how it works. He has a propensity for drinking and smoking too much, which is probably why he works in media, where the practice is widely accepted.

Ben Avecilla
If you had to describe Ben in one word it would be "doesn't follow directions." He plays guitar, loves Lego, and has a fascination with Doctor Who. He occasionally writes nonsense on his blog, but nobody reads that. You probably shouldn't either.

Marian Jamaleddine
This little Cuban hellion loves her *Yayo. Marian's really good at finding stuff online and enjoys snapping pictures of random things. She's hot, but don't bother. Her man liked it, so he put a ring on it. *((Marian does not love cocaine, Yayo is her pit bull. Remember kids: Hugs not Drugs))

Michael Pitts
The "Angry Old Man" of The Noisecast.

Alberto Lima
Technophile with an appreciation for beautifully designed gear. A writer of words, eater of hamburgers, maker of sandwiches who will not part with his Apple gear or his camera. Wrote for; Managing Editor at Resident of the Internet.

Eric Ravenscraft
Eric is a snarky technophile with a taste for the unusual.

Tawnie Knight is a girl geek obsessed with technology and law. She is currently in Tucson, AZ

Matt Zupka
Father. Husband. Geek. Passionate lover of life and most of what it has to offer, Matt has just stepped into the world of blogging, writing and sharing the thoughts of his brain with an un-suspecting world. You've been warned.

Kevin Jones
Godzilla was his gateway drug into the World of the Geek and Nerd. There was no turning back.

Mason Farber
Student at South Dakota State University studying journalism. Interests include; Video Games, Photography, and all things geek.

Carlos Lima
Carlos "Nepotism" Lima is a lover of architecture, technology, design, and the environment. When he's not taking care of his kid, he's checking Twitter and writing calm and reasonable tech blog comments.