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Steven Callas
Steven served as a co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Noisecast from its inception until January 2012. His enthusiasm for the telecom industry and his knowledge of both the business and geek side of the sector drove most of his editorials. Follow him on social media for his latest news and freelance articles.


Chris Ness
Chris "Kevlar" Ness is a Former Marine, college student, and father. His interested in Tech was sparked by a 5 year stint fixing crappy electronics for Uncle Sam, and is currently chasing the dream of working in IA. He is a WP7 fanboy, avid social media advocate, and he drinks a little too much. Find him on Google Plus

Alberto Lima
Technophile with an appreciation for beautifully designed gear. A writer of words, eater of hamburgers, maker of sandwiches who will not part with his Apple gear or his camera. Wrote for; Managing Editor at Resident of the Internet.

Kevin Jones
Godzilla was his gateway drug into the World of the Geek and Nerd. There was no turning back.