The Noisecast Episode 7 (2018) – iPhones and Photokina


In this episode, Alberto is flying solo as Paul is preparing for his wedding – congrats Paul and Amanda! The show goes on as we tackle the new iPhone XS and its iterations, all the Full-Frame mirrorless camera announcements out of Photokina, and my first impressions on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. 

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The Noisecast Episode 1: Loot Crates and Snapshots


In this episode, I’m joined by Paul Combs of the C&C Geekcast. We talk video games, DLC and in-app purchases, and how the loot crate economy is creating the next generation of addicted gamblers. 
In a lighter note, we also chat about my experience shooting with two new cameras, the Olympus EM10 Mark III and the Lomography Instant Square.

Saal Digital Goes States-Side: Photo Book Review


While most people instantly think of Instagram or Facebook as the go-to places for showcasing their photography, there’s something magical about seeing your work in print. We’re all about bridging your digital world with the tangible so when we got a chance to try a new printing device we had to give it a go. Recently Saal Digital, a new photo printing service, reached out and invited us to try out their professional photo book service. Saal Digital promised an intuitive user experience with a spectacular finish that’s worthy of being a family heirloom; challenge accepted.

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The Noisecast Episode 6 (2018) – Street Photography with Mason Resnick


In this episode, we sit down with street photographer, photojournalist, and teacher, Mason Resnick. Mason studied street photography, in 1976, with Garry Winogrand, considered one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Since that time he’s covered over 3 decades of photography as an editor at various industry magazines, teacher, and street photographer. 

We also talk about digital vs. film photography, the effects of Instagram on photography, and his latest project TLV18: Photos of Tel Aviv, a photo book created during his most recent trip to Israel and the process of creating a project like this one. 

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Episode 5: Half-time: The Tech We Like (So Far) 2018


Alberto and Paul are back after a short month off. Life happens, but they’re back to give you a quick mid-year review of the tech that they’re most interested in for 2018. There’s still a lot of 2018 left, but between now and the new year, here’s what we’ve got our eyes on. 


Honorable Mentions: Android P and the Fujifilm X-T100. 

Episode 5 (2018): Halftime – Mid Year Tech Review feat. Paul Combs


Alberto and Paul are back after a short month off. Life happens, but they’re back to give you a quick mid-year review of the tech that they’re most interested in for 2018. There’s still a lot of 2018 left, but between now and the new year, here’s what we’ve got our eyes on.

Honorable Mentions: Android P and the Fujifilm X-T100.

The Noisecast Episode 4 (2018) – Damned Kids and Their Self Driving Cars!


In this episode, Paul manages to keep his cool as Alberto’s allergies plot to render him unable to coherently speak. When not choking, we manage to discuss a movie nearly a decade in the making – Avengers: Infinity War. We talk about the ethics (or lack thereof) behind Google’s Duplex AI bot, and Uber’s self-driving software killed a woman and no one seemed to care. 


Android Authority Google io Recap:

SmartCities Dive – Uber AV Software at Fault in Pedestrian Crash: 



NoiseReview: The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Feature

I recently was loaned an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III and have been using it for a little over 2 weeks now. In that time, I was reminded about my love of the small, Micro Four-Thirds camera bodies (I’ve been shooting Medium Format film and a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 exclusively for about a year and a half). I’ve forgotten how great it is having a camera that’s easy to carry and doesn’t attract too much attention when shooting street or concerts.

While the E-M10’s small form factor is a nice plus, its flexibility to work well for snapshots and actual photographic work makes this one the more slept on cameras available now. The E-M10’s spec sheet puts it on par with most mid-range cameras like the Canon T7i, Sony a6000, Nikon D5600 or the Panasonic GX85. Unlike the APS-C cameras listed before, the E-M10 offers WiFi connectivity and 4K video at 24 and 30 frames per second. To sweeten the deal, the Micro Four-Thirds format boasts a wealth of lens options (trust me, you’ll want to get rid of the power zoom kit lens), many at very affordable price points.


Product Shots

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The Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mk. III at a Glance

• 16-Megapixel Micro Four-Thirds CMOS sensor without Anti-Aliasing Filter

• TruePic VIII processor

• 121-point Contrast Detect Auto Focusing System

• In-body 5-axis image stabilization

• 8.6 fps high/ 4.8 fps low continuous shooting

• 2.36M dot Electronic Viewfinder

• 4k Video at 24 and 30 fps | Nighttime Live Composite | 15 Art Filters

Who is this for?

If you’re looking to get into photography, want something better than your phone’s camera, or are looking for a second, smaller camera for travel, the E-M10 III absolutely fits the bill. This camera offers beginners a guided tour into the world of photography thanks to its Advanced Photo options, Art Filters, while still allowing for full manual controls once you’ve gotten tired of shooting in Auto (or Program) and are ready to push the camera’s limits. Sadly, this isn’t the perfect camera for everyone; despite the 4K video option, the E-M10 III omits a mic-in jack which keeps this from being the perfect vlogging camera.

Still, if you’re primarily interested in stills, the E-M10 III offers a fine balance of ease of use and portability with a high enough ceiling for a budding creative like yourself.

Sample Images

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