Quick App Review: Word Flow


If we’re being honest, in 2016 there aren’t many apps that get us excited. It definitely feels like a lot of the same and in the world of third-party keyboards that feeling of “meh” is really hard to overcome. It’s for this reason that Microsoft’s Word Flow really caught us by surprise.

Word Flow is currently an iOS only keyboard app that’s built specifically for one handed use. The ability to assign the arching keyboard to the bottom left or right of your screen makes one-handed typing a breeze. For those of us who love customization options, Word Flow allows you to create your own background themes or download themes from Microsoft Garage. Personally there’s a fine line between a clean and unique look and making your keyboards look like early versions of Android (sorry Fandroids) but if you wanted to add your flair to the keyboard’s look you definitely can.

Word Flow was initially designed to allow one-handed use of the larger iPhone 6(S) and iPhone 6(S) Plus devices; by adopting a quarter screen sized rotary-style keyboard, Word Flow accomplishes it’s primary function well. There are some issues that we’ve encountered, mostly dealing with predictive text, but if you’re willing to make the necessary updates to Word Flow’s predictive text dictionary it will start to understand you better.

For readers looking for a multi-language keyboard you can pretty much skip this one; Word Flow’s biggest caveat is the lack of international keyboards. If you’re only planning on using the US English keyboard you’ll be fine but if you plan on keeping in touch with folks who speak anything other than ‘Murican you’re out of luck.

Overall the WordFlow Keyboard is a great third-party keyboard, particularly if you’re using an iPhone 6(S) or 6(S) Plus. One of my favorite design features of previous iPhone designs was the ability to text with one hand, Word Flow is an effective way to bring back that functionality to the larger iPhones.