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The Noisecast needs your help!

We love bringing you regular episodes of The Noisecast Podcast and reviews/op-eds on our blog, but it can get costly. That’s why we’re asking for your help to take us to the next level.

How can you help?

Glad you asked! There are a number of ways we’re looking for your support. The easiest is to subscribe to our podcast from your app/platform of choice; we’re on Podbean, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts! While you’re there, be sure to leave a review and rating (helps with search) and share it with a friend.

Support Our Patreon

The second way to help keep the lights on; consider supporting our Patreon campaign. For as little as $3/month you can help us pay for hosting, and editing time for an engineer. We’ll be giving our supports a shout out as well as giving them official podcast producer credits (for higher tiers).

Use Our Referral Links

We also know that you might not be ready to commit to monthly/recurring patronage and that’s cool. We’ll be here ready and waiting. In the meantime, you can support us just by shopping as you normally would. We’re working with a number of referral services to provide us an opportunity to earn a small commission and pass along savings to you.

Below are some of the brands we’re currently working with:

  • Moment – Lens, Accessories, Courses, Travel, and more.
  • Luminar – A powerful photo editing tool powered by AI.
  • Adobe – Save some cash on any new Creative Cloud subscription.
  • Wordfence – Keep your website secure from malicious attacks.

Thank you for all your support.