Changing the Game – beyerdynamic’s First Wireless Gaming Headset the MMX 200

beyerdynamic mmx 200 in grey worn by a woman

If you’re anything like me, gaming is a big part of your downtime – whether it’s picking up the latest fighting game, shooter, or roguelike it’s a hobby that can easily absorb much of your time. While having the latest console or a tricked-out PC is a big part, sound is an equally important part of the gaming experience. Enter the beyerdynamic MMX200, their first gaming headset that hopes to bring lots of connectivity options with few compromises.

beyerdynamic MMX 200 Gaming Headset Key Features

  • 40mm Drivers
  • Closed-back headphone design
  • Detachable boom mic with 9mm capsule
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity with analog/Bluetooth dual connectivity
  • 66-foot transmission range
  • 35-hour runtime with the option to charge while in use

Why the MMX 200 Matters

While gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days, not many come from a brand with nearly 100 years of experience building highly tuned audio equipment. Beyerdynamic is already known for their studio-quality headphones and mics in their wired line of gaming headsets and the MMX 200 adds the flexibility of wireless connectivity with a huge battery life. Packed with 40mm drivers, a detachable boom, and noticeably absent RGB (which for me is a plus), the MMX 200 is a Bluetooth headset that can just as easily handle work or play.

The MMX 200 features a closed-back headphone design which helps keep you immersed in your game, your music, or your next video call. The volume wheel can help you easily mute with a single button, toggle Augmented Mode (aka Transparency Mode) on and off, or turn the closed-back headphones into an ambient noise-enabled headset. Like many other beyerdynamic headsets, this one is built to last and if needed, most of the components are user-replaceable keeping them on your head longer and out of the landfill.

Pricing & Availability

If this all checks the boxes for your ideal gaming headset, check out the MMX 200 on the beyerdynamic site or shop on Amazon. They’re available now and retail for around $250.

Hasselblad Eyes the Streets with the XCD 4/28P Wide Angle Lens


The name Hasselblad is legendary. From editorial to fine art and especially in street photography, you’ve probably heard the name if you haven’t seen photographers’ work coming from a Hasselblad. The latest P Series lens looks to take things back to the streets with the XCD 4/28 P. Here’s what we know so far.  

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Moment’s First Major Lens Refresh Eyes the Future of Mobile Photography – T-Series Announced


Moment has been making some of the best mobile photography lenses for a decade. For context, ten years ago, the standard in mobile photography was the dual 12-megapixel sensor found in the iPhone 7 Plus. In that time the camera on your phone now probably sports a densely packed sensor (48-megapixels or better) and includes focal length options ranging from ultra-wide to super-telephoto (looking at you Samsung Galaxy) in response, Moment has announced the introduction of their T-Series of Lenses. Built for larger sensors and camera lenses, Moment has their eye on the next decade of mobile photography. 

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FujiFilm’s New X-S20 and More From Fujifilm X-Summit

Fujifilm X-S20 and more from X-Summit Bangkok

Today, at Fujifilm’s X Summit in Bangkok the company made a few big announcements for videocentric Fuji fans. It seems like you can’t get too far these without having a dedicated camera for vloggers and Fujifilm delivered on the long-rumored X-S10 replacement, the Fujifilm X-S20. Along with the newly announced camera, Fujifilm also announced a new ultrawide lens, the XF 8mm F/3.5, and a much-needed update to their camera app. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s jump right into it.  

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Sony’s ZV-1 II Some Fixes with Lots of Compromises 

Sony ZV-1 II Announcement Hero Image

Today, Sony announced their new entry-level vlogging camera – the Sony ZV-1 II. Vlogging is all the rage – at least for camera manufacturers and Sony is not letting up on its dominance of the YouTube creator market. The new ZV-1 II is the follow-up to the ZV-1, a compact-style camera with features aimed at those interested in becoming content creators. The original ZV-1 was a strong entry into the category with a fast lens, decent sensor, and Sony’s (at the time) latest imaging processor but does the new ZV-1 II offer a compelling upgrade for those interested in a step-up camera?  

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VSCO Pro Brings More to My Current Favorite Photo-Sharing App

VSCO Filter Slider - Image via VSCO

I’ve been a fan of the VSCO app for as long as I’ve owned an iPhone. Prior to the iPhone days, I had purchased a few Lightroom presets from VSCO that made my digital photos look more like analog film stocks. And it’s great for that, but over the past few years, VSCO has positioned itself as a true replacement for Instagram for photographers. With VSCO Pro, they offer more precision adjustments and the ability to create custom presets.

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National Volunteer Week – Tools & Tips from Adobe

Adobe Express Volunteer Week Templates - Hero Image

If you’re late like I was, this week (April 16-22) is National Volunteer Week – a time where everyone is encouraged to take up a cause and volunteer their time to support it (it’s kind of in the name). For those that don’t know, this holiday has been “observed” since 1974 and every sitting U.S. president has used the third week in April as a call to service. And if you’re a non-profit, there’s no better time to drum up support and interest.  

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The Noisecast: Let’s Play a Game

The Noisecast - Let's Play a Game. Episode Title Image with stylized gaming remotes

In this episode, longtime collaborator, Vitto, is back to talk gaming. This episode was as much a personal distraction as it was a long-overdue conversation about what we’ve been looking forward to in the world of gaming. Whether you’re heavy into the fighting game community or if you prefer tabletop gaming – this episode has a little something for everyone.

We definitely don’t want to leave our readers out in the dark, so follow the links below to some of the items discussed in the latest episode:

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Going All-In on Analog Photography with Monica K. Rose

The Noisecast -All In With Monica K Rose

The Noisecast is back with another interview with New York-based photographer, Monica K. Rose. Monica is part of a growing number of photographers that are going all in on analog photography – challenges and all – and allowing the character of film photography to shape her creative vision. Monica started out her creative career first by making portraits for social media and quickly discovered her passion for conceptual photography in large part due to her experimentation in analog photography.

Monica, spent some time with us talking about how she’s made personal pivots to becoming a working photographer in New York City and how her love of making art continues to be at the heart of her decision to forego digital in favor of analog photography. We also got a chance to geek out about film stocks and gear – so definitely stick around for that.

You can learn more about Monica’s work at the following:




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