Battling Your Inner Shadows: Play Shadow of the Tomb Raider For Free on Xbox One, PS4, and PC


If you’ve been dying to play the revamped Tomb Raider’s conclusion before the holidays kicked in, Square Enix has you covered with a trial of the latest Tomb Raider Game: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The Conclusion of a New Lara

Like a true trilogy, this story continues Lara Croft’s rebooted character arch. And so far,  the game realistically depicts someone who’s literally and figuratively lost in her own crafted destiny.

Unlike other adventure focused historic environment raiding games, or the previous Tomb Raider series, Lara is still growing as a character. What was once begrudgingly following her father’s footsteps to now having a one-woman war with the Not-Illuminati Trinity corporation, Lara is at a state where she thinks of her place in the world as the epicenter of the events around her.

I mean, yeah, it’s her game so technically she’s not wrong, but still. It’s not about you Lara! Stop being a millennial.

A Distinction from the Original Croft

While our viewpoints of Lara is of a budding adventurer, Croft diehard fans would remember that in the original upbringing of Lara, she was a tired and true wealthy, well-educated Brit girl. She’s traveled to Swiss, Asia, and various parts of England for her studies and was part of an aristocracy lifestyle that accounted for her ‘hobbies’ of horseback riding, archery, climbing, and martial arts. Oh right, the biggest difference?

Her parents are alive. Both of them. And she’s 35.

To the small and dwindling outcry of ‘this isn’t the Lara I know’, you’re right. 100%. This isn’t, or hasn’t, been your Croft for quite some time. The attitude of a mid-30-year old seasoned archaeologist who grew up with wealthy parents as a respected member of the British upper class, got bored, and then pursued a life of mystery and adventure would be incredibly out of place for the origin story arc they were going for.

Where Lara Will Take Us

What they are going for, however, is a thrilling end to Lara’s storyline, hopefully leading to more games. In fact, a great deal of this game is a case of more. More puzzles, tombs, and more sidequests for the player that won’t need a redo if you decided to buy the full release. After your purchase, you can pick u where you left off. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available now on the Xbox One family of devices.  Including Xbox One X, PlayStation®4 and Windows PC/Steam. See Lara’s new path firsthand this holiday season!