Beyerdynamic’s MMX200 Gaming Headset Wants to Keep Your Head in the Game

Close-up of beyerdynamic MMX200 headset in front of a Playstation 5 controller.

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days, with many promising everything from social audio capabilities to highly customized RGB that pairs with your favorite games. But what if you’re looking for unbeatable audio quality without the garish RGB lighting on every piece of your headset? The Beyerdynamic M200 promises gamers a fully immersive audio experience all in a sleek, dare I say, stylish headset that you could just as easily wear in public without fear of having your lunch money stolen. Here’s how my 4 months with the headset shakes out.

Beyerdynamic M200 Tech Specs

  • Connection type: Bluetooth 5.3 (wireless), USB-C (wired)
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, HFP, SBC, LC3
  • Microphone Pick-up Pattern: Cardioid
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Headphone Frequency Response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Battery Life: Up to 35 hours
  • Special Features: Call Handling, Microphone Mute, Volume Control, Augmented Mode


Right off the bat, the first thing that caught my eye was the lack of RGB on the headset. Too many gaming headsets available today are garish at best and to be frank – look like “high-tech” earmuffs for clowns at worst. Look I’m not here to knock you if that’s how you like to game but there’s something aesthetically pleasing about a low-key headset with chunky ear pads and a small nod to the brand’s color – a hint of orange along the inner rim of the speaker housing and earpads, and on the buttons and volume dial. Those little touches not only give the MMX200 a distinct yet subtle flare to the design, it feels like what you’d expect in a premium or luxury good vs. your typical gaming peripheral.

Speaking of those ear pads, the faux black leather is comfortable even after a marathon run – whether that’s video gaming or taking calls or recording a podcast. Simply put, the ear pads never get stiff or overly hot even after extended use. This is clutch when (in my case) the match gets sweaty and the tournament progresses.

Real-world use

I’ve been using the Beyerdynamic MMX200 regularly for the past few marks and I’ve found that these headphones provide an elevated experience over sticking a wired headset into your controller. While I did not test the handset for PC gaming, I did pair it to my work laptop and my iPad Mini when traveling. I found that switching between devices is mid at best since there is enough of a delay when switching. It’s a big departure for me since I’m able to switch between my Apple devices when using my Air Pod Pros quickly and seamlessly. Once connected, they are comfortable enough to use for the duration of a flight from New York to Phoenix, and more importantly (at least for me), they don’t draw attention like your typical gaming headphones might. The ability to use the headset with or without the microphone allows you to go into stealth mode and appear like you’ve got some high-end Bluetooth headset and not a headset that’s made for gaming.

In terms of sound quality, the MMX200s do a good job even if it’s not great. These aren’t audiophile-quality headphones. While the MMX200 does recognize multiple Bluetooth standards, the hardware is limited by the codec technologies in modern media players. That said, they produce a deep rich bass and clean highs, but the mid-tones can sound a little muddy depending on what you happen to be listening to. Additionally, the source for audio tends to impact the final output heavily – my PS5 was able to take advantage of special audio while my iPad was not.  The detachable mic is one of the better ones available on a headset mic. The audio is clear and not garbled and while not at the level of a proper condenser or capsule mic, it more than gets the job done – even for a podcast.

Final Thoughts

Often when I review a product, the last question I ask myself is, “Should you spend your money on this?” Honestly, the answer is, yes. After using these headphones nearly daily for the past 3 months, I’ve enjoyed using them for their designed purpose – they are a solid set of gaming headphones. I’ve paired these with two consoles, two computers, and two mobile devices and found that I’m happiest using these when I’m nose-down deep into a gaming session. For that, they should be in heavy consideration as your go-to gaming headset. I’ve used other headsets, including the SteelSeries Arctis 1, and didn’t find the experience to be what I was looking for. When it comes to something like headphones, your experience and your tastes ultimately decide what a good pair is and for me, the Beyerdynamic is a solid pick even if they aren’t perfect. Pick one up on Amazon for $249.