Going All-In on Analog Photography with Monica K. Rose

The Noisecast -All In With Monica K Rose

The Noisecast is back with another interview with New York-based photographer, Monica K. Rose. Monica is part of a growing number of photographers that are going all in on analog photography – challenges and all – and allowing the character of film photography to shape her creative vision. Monica started out her creative career first by making portraits for social media and quickly discovered her passion for conceptual photography in large part due to her experimentation in analog photography.

Monica, spent some time with us talking about how she’s made personal pivots to becoming a working photographer in New York City and how her love of making art continues to be at the heart of her decision to forego digital in favor of analog photography. We also got a chance to geek out about film stocks and gear – so definitely stick around for that.

You can learn more about Monica’s work at the following:




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