Changing the Game – beyerdynamic’s First Wireless Gaming Headset the MMX 200

beyerdynamic mmx 200 in grey worn by a woman

If you’re anything like me, gaming is a big part of your downtime – whether it’s picking up the latest fighting game, shooter, or roguelike it’s a hobby that can easily absorb much of your time. While having the latest console or a tricked-out PC is a big part, sound is an equally important part of the gaming experience. Enter the beyerdynamic MMX200, their first gaming headset that hopes to bring lots of connectivity options with few compromises.

beyerdynamic MMX 200 Gaming Headset Key Features

  • 40mm Drivers
  • Closed-back headphone design
  • Detachable boom mic with 9mm capsule
  • Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity with analog/Bluetooth dual connectivity
  • 66-foot transmission range
  • 35-hour runtime with the option to charge while in use

Why the MMX 200 Matters

While gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days, not many come from a brand with nearly 100 years of experience building highly tuned audio equipment. Beyerdynamic is already known for their studio-quality headphones and mics in their wired line of gaming headsets and the MMX 200 adds the flexibility of wireless connectivity with a huge battery life. Packed with 40mm drivers, a detachable boom, and noticeably absent RGB (which for me is a plus), the MMX 200 is a Bluetooth headset that can just as easily handle work or play.

The MMX 200 features a closed-back headphone design which helps keep you immersed in your game, your music, or your next video call. The volume wheel can help you easily mute with a single button, toggle Augmented Mode (aka Transparency Mode) on and off, or turn the closed-back headphones into an ambient noise-enabled headset. Like many other beyerdynamic headsets, this one is built to last and if needed, most of the components are user-replaceable keeping them on your head longer and out of the landfill.

Pricing & Availability

If this all checks the boxes for your ideal gaming headset, check out the MMX 200 on the beyerdynamic site or shop on Amazon. They’re available now and retail for around $250.