UNLEASHED by Foolography


On the cusp of tripling their Kickstarter goal, a hardware design company has teamed up with TriggerTrap to release a new way to control your DSLR without cables getting in the way – UNLEASHED by Foolography. The UNLEASHED is a Bluetooth dongle that allows your Nikon or Canon DSLR to be controlled remotely with your cellphone as its trigger.

Remote triggers for cameras aren’t new technology by any means but it hardly means that we’ve already stumbled across the perfect solution for photographers. Often times they are expensive or can strip down your camera’s features – like obstructing the hot shoe or keep you tethered to a shutter release cable; you can pretty much forget about setting your camera’s settings remotely as well. With the addition of compatibility with TriggerTrap’s software, the UNLEASHED goes from a simple wireless trigger to a tool that can take advantage of all the sophisticated sensors on your mobile device.


The UNLEASHED Bluetooth camera trigger dongle connects to various Canon and Nikon models and allows for full camera controls over TriggerTrap’s app. Unlike traditional remote triggers, UNLEASHED takes advantage of the various modes and settings available to TriggerTrap users including the trigger being activated by sounds, vibration, motion, and facial recognition. On top of triggering up to 6 connected cameras, the UNLEASHED gives photographers full use of the TriggerTrap’s Timelapse and HDR Modes all without ever having to fiddle with your camera’s settings after setting up. Best of all the UNLEASHED dongle is a plug-and-play device that doesn’t require charging – after all when shooting star trails or time lapses the last thing you want is another device to remember to charge.


In keeping with its simplicity and its appeal to a broad range of photographers, the UNLEASHED app will be available to iOS and Android users. As of this post, the UNLEASHED has not only met their target goal of $67k for the production of the UNLEASHED Bluetooth dongle but have nearly tripled the target amount meeting their first stretch goal – an Apple Watch App (so iOS users can even keep their phones in their pockets).

Control your DSLR from your Mobile Device - no cables.

Control your DSLR from your Mobile Device – no cables.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the device as it can open up the world of multiple camera triggering for the enthusiast photographer. In the meantime, head over to Foolography’s Kickstarter campaign for the full details and some additional screen grabs of the app in action.