The 5 Best Ways to Share Your Photos

Best Sites to Share Photos

The following guest post comes from Cotton Carrier, makers of the Cotton Camera Carrier System. Guest posts do not necessarily reflect an endorsement of a company or product.

by Cotton Carrier
Here’s a mind-blowing statistic: In 2016, 2.5 TRILLION images were shared or stored online.  That’s up 15% from 2015. And in 2017? Well, can anyone even count that high?
When it comes to sharing images online, we definitely have some favourite platforms and apps. Here’s a list of our top five, and one honourable mention, including pros and the cons.


  • Photos appear in a collage format
    Smooth and simple layout makes for easy sharing
  • Effective search engine
  • Pulls over meta-data showing the settings/camera/lens used for shot
  • Basic account is free (includes unlimited storage and can sell photos as stock)
  • Can license your photos for stock use once uploaded
  • Can bundle upgraded account with Adobe Creative Cloud Payments
  • Features “Quests” – member generated photo contests with prizes
  • Unlimited upload space for photos
  • Has app
  • Simple and clean layout, easy to use
  • Free
  • Photos appear in collage format
  • Pulls over meta-data showing the settings/camera/lens used for shot
  • Can easily download high-quality versions of your images from your page
  • Effective search engine
  • Has analytics monitors
  • Has app


  • Clean and smooth layout
  • Many different layout options
  • More of a website for user account landing pages
  • Fee of $5 to $40 per month
  • Can function as an online storage cloud
  • Able to sell prints and digital downloads through online store creation
  • Website search engine isn’t the most simple
  • Can order photo prints and books directly from the website
  • Includes analytics
  • Has app


  • Easiest way to connect to others
  • Quick uploads and file organization
  • Supports photos and videos
  • Images easily become shareable links
  • Easy to comment, react and share content
  • Integrated to hold links in descriptions
  • Can boost posts to reach wider audience
  • Provides analytics
  • Free


  • Good viewership and active users
  • Relatively easy to gain new followers
    Supports photos and short videos
  • Can only upload from cellphone or tablet but can view from computer
  • Can connect account to your other social media platforms for easier posting
  • Analytics available
  • Free

And our honourable mention goes to…

Google OneDrive

  • Easy-to-use layout
  • Main drive page works like a desktop: simple drag and drop, right click for drop down options menu
  • Clean and smooth viewer
  • Very fast upload speeds
  • 15gb online cloud storage
  • Supports photos and videos
  • Easy to create shareable links
  • Also stores any other file types
  • Direct person to person sharing
  • Not an open search website

Cotton Carrier was started by former Special Effects Supervisor and professional Landscape Photographer, Andy Cotton. The Cotton Carrier Camera System was designed with comfort, durability, security, and accessibility in mind. You can learn more about the Cotton Carrier Camera System via the link below.

Via Cotton Carrier