The Panasonic LUMIX GH7 Is Here – And Looking to Fix All the Complaints About the GH6

Panasonic LUMIX GH7 Camera Body Front Slanted on White Background

For those of you who are interested in one of the best entryways into digital filmmaking, Panasonic has a treat for you – the all-new, LUMIX GH7. It’s real, it’s officially announced, and if we’re to believe their announcement video, they’re looking to undo the missteps of the GH6.

Panasonic LUMIX GH7 Key Features

  • 25.2-megapixel Micro Four-Thirds sensor
  • Phase Detect Autofocusing with Improved Subject-Detection
  • ISO 100 and ISO 500 in V-log
  • Native range ISO 800-2000
  • Internal ProRES RAW video recording
  • 5.7K/30fps in ProRES
  • CF Express Media
  • 13-stops dynamic range and Log C3 color profile (with upgrade)
  • compatibility

Why It Matters

When Panasonic released the LUMIX GH6 in 2022, it felt like it was a rushed product that didn’t quite meet the needs of its video creator audience. To make things worse, the release of the LUMIX G9 II shortly after made the GH6 seem like a bad buy all around. Today’s announcement of the LUMIX GH7 changes this. For starters, the GH7 is packed with features that are a must for video/filmmakers. For starters, the ability to process internal ProRES RAW files is a world’s first. Panasonic has seemingly responded to criticisms of the GH6 with offering Phase Detect autofocusing – which should provide a serious improvement in autofocusing speeds and subject detection. Additionally, with features like native ISO range of 800-2000 and the ability to shoot at ISO100/500 in v-log, the GH7 is the workhorse camera that lives up to the line’s reputation.

Last Thoughts

The Panasonic LUMIX GH7 has been overdue in the very niche world of Micro Four-Thirds filmmaking cameras. There are options like the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera 6k but don’t offer quality-of-life features like Panasonic’s Active I.S. or the ability to choose between media formats and connecting an external SSD. Add to the fact that it’s a substantially smaller kit that can easily do double duty as a stills camera and it stands to reason that this camera will be the top of the heap in terms of features to price. The LUMIX GH7 is available now for pre-order for $2200. (Panasonic)

A Huge Firmware Update is Coming to the Fujifilm X-H2S


We’re a little late to the party but this is one of those updates that need to be seen – earlier this week, Fujifilm and Adobe announced their intention to bring a camera to cloud (C2C) connection update that will leverage Adobe’s collaborative workflow and tools with Fujifilm’s latest flagship camera.

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The Panasonic G9 – is a GH5 with few compromises

Panasonic G9

Recently, Panasonic announced the newest Micro Four-Thirds, Mirrorless camera, the LUMIX DMC-G9. The G9 offers prosumers and enthusiasts a slightly cheaper alternative to the flagship GH5 camera with some compromises. The G9 boasts some substantial upgrades to the LUMIX DMC-G8 but is the newest in-between camera have the goods? Continue reading

Live from PhotoPlus Expo 2017

PhotoPlus Expo 2017

We’ll be at PhotoPlus Expo 2017 for the next couple of days bringing you the latest in Photography Gear and this year, checking out the first ever AR/VR Expo. On the docket today will be coverage from the expo floor and checking out the latest from Sony (hint, hint, we’re going to fondle the new Sony a7R III) and checking out the new lenses from LensBaby and more.

Check back here throughout the day for more coverage from the show floor.

The Sony Booth

We shot some demo reels from the Sony booth and got a first look at the Sony a7R III. Some quick things to know about the Sony a7R III – it features a 42.4-megapixel Full-Frame sensor, 399 phase detection and 425 contrast autofocus points, 10 frames per second shooting speeds, a 3.9 million dot blackout-free electronic viewfinder, a ridiculous 100-320000 ISO range, and it carries over the a9’s larger battery – which boasts all-day shooting capabilities in the a7R III.

This is the Mirrorless camera that has already taken Nikon’s lunch is hot on the heels of replacing the Canon 5D Mark IV as the go-to camera for professional photographers. You can check out the walk through here.

New Olympus Firmware Updates Brings TTL to E-M1 Mk. II

E-M1 Profoto TTL

When Olympus unveiled their latest flagship camera, the E-M1 Mk. II, it put the Photography community on notice. With the E-M1 Mk. II, Olympus was taking a direct shot at the pro photographer with a mirrorless camera that could perform as well (and in some cases better) than their larger full-frame competitors. Today, Olympus released their first major firmware update for the E-M1 Mk. II  allowing for TTL-O and compatibility with Profoto Air Remote wireless triggers. Continue reading

F*cking Data Caps Man: Michael vs. Verizon Unlimited

Data Caps

The following is a guest post from Noisecast Alum, Michael Pitts. He’s our resident pissed off Geek Guy so here’s his rant on Data Caps

Today Verizon reintroduced their Unlimited Data plan for their wireless customers. They also snuck in an asterisk for a little thing called a Data Caps, naturally we asked Michael to share his thoughts on Verizon’s return to unlimited.

Verizon Wireless, a company known for finding new and interesting ways to fuck over its customers, has announced that it is bringing back the Unlimited* plan. See that asterisk? That’s because it’s only unlimited until you hit the hilariously arbitrary soft cap of 22GB. After that, you “may be throttled”. Which you probably read as “Hey, ‘member 56k modems? I ‘member!” if you’ve ever used a throttled mobile network.

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