National Volunteer Week – Tools & Tips from Adobe

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If you’re late like I was, this week (April 16-22) is National Volunteer Week – a time where everyone is encouraged to take up a cause and volunteer their time to support it (it’s kind of in the name). For those that don’t know, this holiday has been “observed” since 1974 and every sitting U.S. president has used the third week in April as a call to service. And if you’re a non-profit, there’s no better time to drum up support and interest.  

The Noisecast is an affiliate of Adobe Express and may receive compensation for any sign-ups that come in through our affiliate links below. That said, we’re promoting this campaign because we believe in the power of non-profits to do good in the world.  

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of non-profits – they often are the boots on the ground helping to meet the needs of those that they serve. Often, outreach becomes challenging as non-profits have to juggle operating expenses, logistics, and ever-smaller budgets. As someone that volunteers for his church, believe me, I get it. But having a solid brand identity is critical to not only reaching out to potential donors but to helping build up a strong community of volunteers.  

Adobe and Non-Profits

In a recent post, Adobe not only highlighted three non-profits from the San Francisco area that are thriving and seeing success in no small part thanks to the contributions of their teams of volunteers. It’s exciting to hear that they are not only achieving their goals to meet the needs of their communities but also thinking creatively about how they grow their volunteer base. 

Having the right tools helps a great deal and Adobe is sharing three templates – here, here, and here – that can be used right away to help any non-profit build their next outreach campaign – no design experience necessary!  Adobe has once again recommitted itself to supporting non-profits with programs like Adobe Express for Non-Profits – it’s always a good look to see a company make a commitment to help those helping others.  

If you’re reading this and not a non-profit but would like to get involved with one, consider signing up with or Volunteer Match.  

You can sign up for Adobe Express – 100% for free, forever – with an extra 30-day trial of their premium features by clicking here.