VSCO Pro Brings More to My Current Favorite Photo-Sharing App

VSCO Filter Slider - Image via VSCO

I’ve been a fan of the VSCO app for as long as I’ve owned an iPhone. Prior to the iPhone days, I had purchased a few Lightroom presets from VSCO that made my digital photos look more like analog film stocks. And it’s great for that, but over the past few years, VSCO has positioned itself as a true replacement for Instagram for photographers. With VSCO Pro, they offer more precision adjustments and the ability to create custom presets.

The VSCO Pro membership has a lot to offer for VSCO power users. Pro members can expect updates to several filters including A6PRO, AL3PRO, C1PRO, G6PRO, and M5PRO. These updates will allow more granular adjustment options beyond filter strength – Pro users can now control light, shadow, tone, color changes, and fades.

Beyond changes to their editing features, VSCO Pro members will have early access to VSCO’s browser-based platform – a feature that’s been a long time coming if you ask me – and dedicated support with Live Chat, and of course, a shiny new badge for everyone in the VSCO community to know what’s what. At $60/year, it’s a great addition to the VSCO platform, and keeping things pay-walled helps keep the trolls out from my experience.

VSCO Pro is available now for iOS (sorry fanDroids).