New Olympus Firmware Updates Brings TTL to E-M1 Mk. II

E-M1 Profoto TTL

When Olympus unveiled their latest flagship camera, the E-M1 Mk. II, it put the Photography community on notice. With the E-M1 Mk. II, Olympus was taking a direct shot at the pro photographer with a mirrorless camera that could perform as well (and in some cases better) than their larger full-frame competitors. Today, Olympus released their first major firmware update for the E-M1 Mk. II  allowing for TTL-O and compatibility with Profoto Air Remote wireless triggers.

For many studio, portrait, and editorial photographers, off-camera lighting setups are a crucial component of their workflows. Often TTL remotes are only offered for other camera systems (mainly Canon and Nikon, though Sony is being included more these days). The latest firmware update allows you to simply attach the Profoto Air Remote to the camera’s hot shoe and control all flash functions directly from the camera.

The latest update also includes additional features and upgrades to the camera including the ability to shoot in High Res mode and use in-camera focus stacking using non-Olympus flashes, improved EVF color representation, improved stability of battery level display, and the ability to save AF HOME settings when powering off the camera.

If you’re not an E-M1 Mk. II shooter but do happen to have the E-M5 Mk. II or the PEN-F, you’ll also want to check out the update as it will bring some of the E-M1 Mk. II’s features like saving MySets and camera settings to your computer before upgrading firmware, mid-tone adjustments in Highlight and Shadow controls.

Looking to upgrade and a member of the 500px community? Check out the current contest sponsored by Olympus and Profoto for your chance to win an Olympus E-M1 Mk. II and Profoto B-1 To-Go Kit. For info on how to update your camera’s firmware, visit Olympus Support here.