Back It Up, Back It Up – A Conversation About Data Fidelity With Drobo


The Noisecast is back with another interview. This time we got a chance to speak with Nick Manocha, Director of Products at Drobo. In this episode, we go over some data best practices for creative professionals as well as talk about what’s coming next in the world of storage and storage options. 

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Return of the Noisecast


It’s been a long couple of months but Alberto & Paul have come out of hiding to talk, yes again, about life in the pandemic. In this episode, Alberto and Paul talk about how Apple’s Work From Home ad really nails the current feelings of many remote workers. 

We also discussed how we’re coping with at times isolation, being a frontline worker, and urging everyone to wear a damned mask! 

We also talk a little about the new Ford Bronco and friend of the pod, Eric Ravenscraft’s, superb Animorphs video essay (link below). 

Covered in this episode:

The Noisecast Episode 18 – Failure to Launch


Paul and Alberto are back on the mic and they’ve come to a realization – launching a new product is tough. In this episode, they discuss day-one issues with the Google Stadia and Disney Plus. From issues with connectivity, lack of options, and in Disney’s case – compromised user data it appeared everyone experienced a failure to launch. 

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Noisecast Episode 12 – The Endgame Episode


Originally published on May 15, 2019

It’s been two full weeks and some change – here’s our spoiler-filled review/commentary on Avengers: Endgame. We waited 11 years and over 20 movies to get to this point – Alberto and Paul go over why they loved the movie, but more importantly the universe that the MCU was able to cohesively put together. You’ve had more than enough time to prep – Let’s talk Endgame. 

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Episode 5 (2018): Halftime – Mid Year Tech Review feat. Paul Combs


Alberto and Paul are back after a short month off. Life happens, but they’re back to give you a quick mid-year review of the tech that they’re most interested in for 2018. There’s still a lot of 2018 left, but between now and the new year, here’s what we’ve got our eyes on.

Honorable Mentions: Android P and the Fujifilm X-T100.